Wow! Back to School Binders. These companies can't go out of business soon enough.

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Sep 16, 2022Liked by Helena

Helena, thanks for this! I think you’re right: a lot of adult defenders, advocates and nurturers of trans youth need to take a good look in the mirror.

I’m sure most are well-meaning and believe they are simply “supporting” a teen’s own deep-seated, unquenchable desire to be their authentic self. But how do they know they aren’t actually leading that teen further down a trans path than they would have gone by themselves? Especially when they step in to help the kid squelch any self-doubt, consistently take their side against their parents (without meeting said parents), and express admiration for their incredible bravery in “coming out” as trans.

A caring adult mentor outside the family (whether a teacher, coach, therapist or a friend’s Really Cool Mom) can have a huge impact in adolescence—even when relationships with your own parents are close. When they’re not, the influence can be even greater. It can be intoxicating for the mentor as well. Who has never dreamed of being a hero? A “rescue fantasy” of saving a kid trapped in a terrible home that is crushing their spirit could certainly scratch that itch, especially if the trans cause is popular in your community. Would like to know how younger detransitioners feel, looking back, about the role of “highly affirming” adults in their lives when they identified as trans.

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So great, as always Helena! Thank you!! These people need to have a light shone on exactly who they are and what they are really doing. (heads up, there's a typo in the 3rd to last paragraph, 3rd sentence. Most people won't notice or care, and it's possible I have ASD :-) )

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Sounds like this website sure could use an influx of orders to take advantage of all the free binders! Who knows, they may even run out of stock!

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Hey, just subbed! Watched an interview you did on the Daily Wire and was absolutely inspired by your courage and strength. My family sent me to private school most of my life so I did not see or experience any of the gender confusion until these past few years in college (I'm 22). It was insane to be genuinely perplexed as to whether I was talking to a guy or girl in some of my classes. I can definitely see the indoctrination poor children are getting nowadays. It is truly needed what you are doing! I really hope to understand the perspective so that I can help people who struggle with gender identity, look forward to reading more! :)

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The myth of suicide... Has anyone researched how many ROGD kids' parents consider suicide? Or feel like there's no way they're gonna survive this?

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Oct 21, 2022·edited Oct 21, 2022

They are not math and logic types, are they? The way they throw stats around combining "T" with "LGB" when convenient and keeping separate with not is ridiculous. Let's ignore for a sec the fact that the stats they are citing are a lie. Let's say they are true. So, say we got 300 LGBT kids. Using 1/3 unsafe-and-unsupportive homes, 200 are blessed with supportive families and 100 are cursed with bigots. 150 (50%) of all considered suicide but only 6% (12 out 200 ) in supportive families did. So... 150-12 = 138 So, 138 out of 100 kids from unsupportive families considered suicide . Sounds 'bout right.

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Not wanting to talk about my kid but...

It was sports bras a year or so ago now they are mixed with more comfortable. she can have the nose piercing soon, after learning for 6 months and understanding the damage that will happen for fashion. Parental consent required for U18 tatts and piercings but crazily, not for medicated puberty interruptors and sex development modifiers.

The tatts? Yeah, nah. She knows that's her choice at 18. Dads option, temp/henna tatts? go for your life. Permanent is her decision at 18.

So easy for a parent to trigger a teen rebellion response that will plunge her down a damaging pathway.

2020 was explaining what the cutsey term 'top surgery' means. Double mastectomy a phrase she had never heard.

Mid teens now. Here, she can legally access testosterone without my knowledge or consent.

It is the long game/not game getting her to a developmental level where informed choices are just that.

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